Naturally Sheer Compression Stockings

Juzo Naturally Sheer medical compression stockings offer a higher level of comfort and fit for women who want legs that feel energized and look naturally beautiful. Juzo Naturally Sheer compression stockings are sheer and transparent, making them suitable for those who desire an elegant look, complementing your lifestyle and your wardrobe. Naturally Sheer stockings provide compression without compromising fashion.

Juzo Move Compression Stockings

Juzo Move compression stockings slide on easily--designed with patented Slide Knit technology, and instep functional zone and larger heel. Juzo Move slips over the heel and ankle with ease, Microfibers help keep the skin cool and dry. Juzo Move stockings comfortably deliver medical compression all day.

Juzo Soft Compression Stockings

Juzo Soft medical compression stockings deliver the softest relief for your legs. A high degree of elasticity means that the compression stocking is robust and fits precisely. The foot area features a reinforced heel for the perfect fit and, thanks to its soft toe box, is exceptionally comfortable. Juzo Soft is breathable against the skin and comfortable for warmer climates. The perfect compression stocking for everyday use to feel your best.

Dynamic Stockings

Juzo Dynamic medical compression stockings help you live an active life more comfortably. With a high degree of containment, they deliver firm therapeutic compression to help manage swelling (edema) caused by Lipedema, Lymphedema and advanced Venous Disease. Juzo Dynamic is durable and stays in place, even during physical activity. Available in custom and a wide range of sizes and styles, these compression stockings are a great option for a variety of lifestyles.

Soft Silver Stockings

Juzo Soft Silver Medical Compression Stockings feature an inconspicuous look using X-STATIC silver fiber on the inside of the garment. Juzo Soft Silver compression stockings offer antimicrobial and anti-odor benefits. X-STATIC® solely protects the garment from microbial growth. Note: Juzo Silver garments should be removed prior to MRI Scans and cardiac defibrillations.

Basic Stockings

Juzo Basic compression stockings are a great option for those in need of compression therapy at a value cost. A comfortable, quality medical compression stocking, the Juzo Basic is unisex and features two-way stretch elasticity and is stylish.

Dynamic Cotton Socks

Juzo Dynamic Cotton compression sock delivers comfort that’s fashionable, durable and offers excellent containment. This medical compression sock is designed for men, featuring a bigger foot portion, breathable cotton lining, and a special ribbed design.

Strong Silver Arm Sleeve

The ideal garment for managing severe swelling caused by lymphedema: Juzo Strong medical compression arm sleeves are our best-containing flat knit garment. Knitted with a micro-massaging weave, these seamed flat knit garments can be customized to fit any shape or size. They are knitted with X-STATIC silver for odor-reducing and antimicrobial benefits. X-STATIC® solely protects the garment from microbial growth. Note: Juzo Silver compression arm sleeves should be removed prior to MRI scans and cardiac defibrillations.

Expert Cotton Flat Knit Compression Glove & Gauntlet

Made to fit any shape or size, the dense knit of our Juzo Expert Cotton seamed flat knit compression gloves and gauntlets work hard to contain swelling in the hand that may occur from lymphedema. This unique design uses cotton threads woven for increased comfort, resulting in 100% cotton contact with the skin making this glove ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities.